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AMD: 30 Years of Pursuing the Leader. Part 2

AMD: 30 Years of Pursuing the Leader. Part 2
Author: Vladimir Romanchenko
Date: 11.09.2006

We at the Editorial Board have acquired a smashing piece of info on how the produce traditionally made by ATI Technologies for various IT sectors will be branded. Once ATI has joined AMD - sooner or later - such changes are inevitable to come in any case.

The matter is sensitive indeed, because it would be not wise or realistic to leave all as is or confine to the "ATI => AMD" rebranding - at least in view of the realignment of competing forces.

According to the info from trustworthy sources, the ATI-AMD Integration Steering Committee has finally approved a high-level branding architecture for ATIís products in the combined company. Here are the changes we will see in the most recent future:

All discrete graphics products will continue to carry the ATI brand. Consumer electronics solutions will be branded AMD but the structure and principles of naming these products will be left unchanged . The chipsets for Intel platforms will still carry the ATI brand. All chipsets for AMD CPUs will be branded AMD.

The newly-born AMD chipsets with ATI integrated graphics will have a combined branding, e.g. Graphics by ATI as it looks in adverts or notebook stickers.

In other words, the ATI brand will still be a leading player on the market of discrete 3D graphics and be among the suppliers of chipsets for the Intel platform. On the other hand, AMD will acquire a new division for shipping real (not "on-paper" or "reference") server chipsets for the mainstream PC market.

So, here is news to get used to.

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