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Digital-Daily : Video : dx10_game_benchmark

Tests of six video cards at first DX10 gaming benchmarks

Tests of six video cards at first DX10 gaming benchmarks
Author: Dmitry Sofronov
Date: 26.06.2007

Half a year has passed since the time when Microsoft's new DirectX 10 API was released together with Windows Vista. Up to the recent time, we've had to be content with merely technology demos developed by video card manufacturers, but anyway the situation is gradually changing.

Today, we are presenting first tests in gaming benchmarks developed for DirectX 10. Quite recently, the patch to Company of Heroes was released, which allows for running DX10 shaders on the existing engine. The second test is also based on the existing game Call of Juarez but is made as a standalone application and is not a patch enhancing the game's functionality.

Before we move on to the tests, let's briefly introduce the participants.

Radeon HD2900XT, a general view

As you may have guessed already, this is Radeon HD2900XT - the only available video card by AMD which offers support for DirectX 10. The specifications are well known to you operating frequencies 740/1650 MHz, 512 MB memory, 512-bit memory bus width. For details of the architecture and special features of Radeon HD2900XT, read our review.

ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank, a general view

ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank is also well known to you. The nominal frequencies of this video card are somehow higher than the those recommended for typical video cards of the 8800GTX class. To get an idea of performance of the "typical" 8800GTX in this test session, we had to push the frequencies of ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank to the recommended values 575/1800 MHz (engineers at ASUS, please forgive us).

Chaintech 8800GTS 640 MB, a general view

The next in the "Table of ranks" of NVIDIA video cards goes GeForce 8800GTS with 640 MB video memory. A video card made by Chaintech Walton Corp. acts as a typical representative of the series. The specifications of the video card are standard operating frequencies 500/1600 MHz, 640 MB memory, 320-bit memory bus width.

ASUS EN8800GTS 320 Mb, a general view

Since 8800GTS 640 MB is taking part in the tests, it would be a good idea to compare it against the version equipped with merely 320 MB of video memory. We have also got a video card like that made by ASUS. Apart from twice as less the video memory capacity, it makes no difference from its "elder sister". The frequencies are 500/1600 MHz, and the memory bus width is 320 bit.

Palit 8600GTS Super 512 MB, general view

But the "top-end" is not all. It is even more interesting to find out about the performance of mid-end video cards at DirectX 10 applications. That is why we included two GeForce 8600GTS video cards into the tests. What you can see above is made by Palit. The frequencies of the video card are standard for 8600GTS and amount to 675/2000 MHz, and 128-bit memory bus width. The key trait of this video card is 512 MB memory capacity, which is twice as much as it should be for a "typical" 8600GTS.

ECS 8600GTS, front view

The most "typical" video card in today's tests there acts 8600GTS made by ECS. It offers frequencies 675/2000 MHz, the memory bus width 128 bit, and the video memory capacity 256 MB.

Now let's get round to the most exciting part, the tests.

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