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GeForce 8500GT in the NO AA/AF

GeForce 8500GT in the NO AA/AF
Author: Dmitry Sofronov
Date: 19.06.2007

Quite recently, we presented two video cards based on NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT. That time, we saw how the novelties add to performance when overclocked, although that is attained through various means. We also exposed them to quite a serious trial through tests in the graphic mode with the FSAA set to 4?, which is rarely used in low-end video cards. Today, we are exploring another novelty of the GeForce 8500GT class, verify it for overclocking in the partial load mode.

ECS 8500GT Plus Edition

As the name suggests, this video card was created by engineers at ECS and should differ from its "classmates" towards the better. We'll soon find it out what the pros and cons are.

ECS 8500GT, front side of the box

The label on the front side of the package informs the operating frequencies of the video card 500/900 MHz for the GPU/video memory, respectively. That is somehow higher than the nominal frequencies recommended by NVIDIA (450/800), and no more. As we found out the last time, overclocking the 8500GT may bring even much more, but we'll find that out a bit later.

The package bundle is quite ascetical:

  • S-Video cable
  • drivers CD
  • User's manual

ECS 8500GT, reverse side of the box

The reverse side bears no revelations but for a usual enumeration of the capabilities of NVIDIA's 8xx series chips. Of course, there were some surprises. To enable the SLI mode on 8500GT video cards (I wonder who would need that), you should make use of the V-Link bridge although video cards 8500GT simply have no connector like that. Just see for yourselves.

ECS 8500GT, front view

At first glance, it is easy to see that the design of ECS 8500GT Plus Edition fully conforms to the reference design of typical 8500GT video cards. The cooler is very simple a modest aluminum radiator and a tiny fan. The name Plus Edition seems to be out of place. Anyway, the cooler is quiet enough. Again, that means the rotational speed is not very high. Will it cope with its job?

ECS 8500GT, rear view

The reverse side of the PCB bears nothing remarkable and is a complete replica of the reference 8500GT.

ECS 8500GT, video chip

The GPU on ECS 8500GT Plus Edition does operate at 500 MHz. In all the other respects, the G86-300 chip does not make any difference from ones similar to it and has the same 16 streaming processors.

ECS 8500GT, video memory

The overall capacity of memory installed on ECS 8500GT Plus Edition is 256 MB. Used are DDR2 chips made by Hynix of 2.5 ns access time. The nominal frequency of the chips equals 800 MHz DDR, but the label on the box informs 900 MHz DDR, but indeed the frequency of the video memory amounts to 860 MHz DDR (at least, on the specimen which has been to our test lab). Strangely, why the video memory frequency did not get up to the promised 900 MHz - in fact, overclocking can fix that all.

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