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Digital-Daily : Video : geforce6800ultra-vs-radeon800xt

Gigabyte GeForce 6800 Ultra vs ASUS AX800XT: total Deathmatch

Gigabyte GeForce 6800 Ultra vs ASUS AX800XT: total Deathmatch
Author: Anna Timofeeva
Date: 26.09.2004


Gigabyte GeForce 6800 Ultra
GPU chip NV40 (0.13)
Memory 256Mb DDR; 256Bit;
Samsung 1.6 ns
Frequencies: 400MHz/1100MHz DDR
Bus: AGP 8X
Category: Ultra High-End
Price: $660

NV40 / R420. This combination of digits/letters can be called a live legend. Before the official release there were so many talks, hopes, sometimes incredible assumptions around. All were astonished when these products were finally presented to the public, and the results of first tests announced. And the reviewers... These "tears invisible to the world" when you can't believe your eyes on seeing the FPS output. Is it reality or an illusion, "Matrix" hallucinations?

GPU chip R420 (0.13 low-k)
Memory 256Mb DDR; 256Bit;
Samsung 1.6 ns
Frequencies: 525MHz/1,250MHz DDR
Bus: AGP 8X
Category: Ultra High-End
Price: $660

All this is behind. First delights are over, those who fainted awakened, and the bodies of those who failed to come to the senses were brought out. Initially raw drivers seemed to be brushed up. All started to think, hardly finding their ways in new video card lines and lots of specifications that fell upon the readers' heads from all hardware editions.

Now it's all behind. What is currently going on used to be dubbed as "interlunation". Cards have been released, all are about to guess what each looks like, some even have got them on hands (such semi-mythical persons enjoy an immense popularity on forums of the respective topics), but at the same time the high price (we are now talking only about ultra high-end cards) and the scanty quantities of the boards in the retail are serious obstacles in the way to the cherished box.

But those who are going to buy such a video card for their home computers (simply, the vast majority) are excited and pleased to follow the fight for leadership "at the Olympus summit". This "third person view" can be compared to how fans are watching the games of their favorite teams in the Champions League over TV. Yes, they do see (the test results) with their own eyes, therefore they can produce own impression, which sometimes differs from that of the arbiter. Also, during the whole match we always hear the commentator's voice (the reviewer's comments) who distinctly and as impartially as possible assesses the situation that has shaped up (because football is a very dynamic game, so are computer games) thus assisting the audience (the reader) in finding their ways, analyzes the situation on the field (on the video cards market) that's currently going on in the market creating the effect of own presence, at least, on the stadium stand. We have now presented to you a description of the ideal commentator. It's up to you to decide on the analogies in this regard. But it's hardly arguable that this comparison fully expressed the essence of what is going to be today on these pages.

Two products of the ultra high-end products, a major advance in science and technology, will be competing today for the title of absolute champion with Catalyst 4.8 and ForceWare 61.77 drivers that has gained the latest WHQL certification. The Nightmare tier. No kidding.

We won't be repeating for the hundredth time the technical specifications describing the specifications for each solution in detail. To refresh those detail in memory, just look at the following table:

Video cards NVIDIA GeForce 6800Ultra ATI Radeon X800XT
Chip code name NV40 R420
Process technology 0,13 0.13 low-k
Q-ty of transistors 222 mln 160 mln
Memory bus 256 Bit (GDDR3) 256 Bit (GDDR3)
AGP AGP 3.0, 8X AGP 3.0, 8X
Memory 256Mb 256Mb
Chip clock speed 400MHz 525MHz
Memory speed 550MHz(1100MHz DDR) 575MHz(1150MHz DDR)
Q-ty of Vertex Pipelines 6 6
Pixel pipelines 16 16
Vertex shader version 3.0 2.0
Pixel shader version 3.0 2.0b/w 3Dc
DirectX version 9.0+ 9.0+
Bits per color channel 10 10
Q-ty of monitor outputs 2 2
General optimizations CineFX 3.0,
Intellisample 3.0,
UltraShadow II,
Improved adaptive deinterlacing,
DVC 3.0,
Displacement Mapping,
Temporal AA,
MPEG-II decoding,
Fast Z Clear,
Hierarchial Z,
Early Z, Z/Stencil Cache,
Color Compression
Antialiasing modes 2x, Quincunx 4x, 4xS, 6xS, 8x, 16x MSAA 2/4/6x, frame compression, Temporal AA.
Anisotropic filtering 2/4/8/16 2/4/8/16


  • Introduction
  • Gigabyte GeForce 6800Ultra
  • ASUS AX800XT
  • Test configuration, synthetics
  • X2, FF11, UT2003
  • HALO, HL2, Firestarter
  • Far Cry, Commanch4, UT2004
  • Doom3; Conclusions

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