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Noiseless GeForce 7600GT by Gigabyte and ASUS

Noiseless GeForce 7600GT by Gigabyte and ASUS
Date: 04.11.2006

By: Aleksandr Chernoivan, Sergey Chernoivan

The evolution of cooling systems for all their history has undergone much changes. First those were regular radiators which provided sufficient cooling. Then they started installing fans for cooling the radiators. With time, the performance of graphic accelerators was going up, new chips were increasingly hotter, so required better cooling. The video card manufacturers and third-party developers of cooling systems were continuously presenting new produce to the public. There started appearing huge radiators and fans, which took much space inside the housing. Thereafter, there came a fashion for heat pipes which reject heat from the hottest points and thus allow dissipating heat in the most unusual points and ways. Some of such systems lost fans and turned absolutely noiseless but added weight and acquired quite an intricate and sophisticated design. In this review, we'll be looking into two cooling systems like that installed on seemingly identical video cards made by two largest manufacturers. OK, then, off we go...

Gigabyte GV-NX76T256D-RH

Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent in a package

The first video card which we got is Gigabyte GV-NX76T256D-RH based on NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT with 256 MB GDDR3 and the Silent-Pipe II cooling system. Unfortunately, that was not a boxed version but an item from the kit – there is neither nice package box nor bonuses (Serious Sam 2 game), but if we were buyers, we would save a bit. All items are put into an anti-static package through which the bundled items are seen.

Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent package bundled

Let's see what is inside apart from the video card itself:

  • DVI to VGA adapter;
  • Composite HDTV-Out adapter;
  • CD with drivers, DirectX, Power DVD 6.0 and other useful utilities.

front side of Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent

rear side of Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent

The video card is made on a blue textolyte and has an absolutely new wiring not quite usual for the series of video cards based on GeForce 7600GT – on the PCB the power supply scheme has been simplified, a VIVO chip can no longer be installed, and a connector for plugging in an active cooler is not unsoldered. The simplified supply circuits should not affect stability but can't be an obstacle for overclocking. although it is quite possible that developers decided that overclocking and battle against noise are incompatible.

Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent - top view

Here you can see the advanced noiseless cooling system Silent-Pipe II. The radiators are positioned over both sides of the video card. On the front side, at the GPU, there is a copper cooling radiator from which there emerge two copper heat pipes. The first one ends at the "input" aluminum radiator, the second one – from the rear side where there is one more "principal" radiator which is made up of a copper base and 28 aluminum fins. The idea of developers is very simple. Warm air from the PSU or additional fans is fed upwards to the exhaust and the draught takes the air through the first radiator and beside the cooler. The main radiator is cooler by the resultant air flow and, more probably, by the air flows which the processor cooler generates. The solution is unlikely to call as compact, because the video card takes up three slots – one before the «entry» radiator and one behind it, if available, since you can't block air access to the main radiator. We can't say the idea is so unique, but let's try it in action. The cooling system has a shortcoming which catches the eye - the heat is not rejected from the memory chips.

connectors on Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent

Of the connectors, there are two DVI and one S-Video. Missing is only the regular VGA D-Sub connector, but fortunately the adapter is available.

The accelerator is based on the G73 graphic processor. This GPU is no longer a novelty on the consumer market. The major technologies are already described in many articles, so we'd better not repeat it. You can find out more about G73 in this review.

memory chip in Gigabyte GF7600GT Silent

Gigabyte GV-NX76T256D-RH uses 256 MB of video memory assembled of four GDDR3 Hynix HY5RS123235 FP-14 chips of 1.4 ns access time, which is equivalent to 700 MHz (1400 MHz DDR) operating frequency. We were a bit surprised to find these chips because according to the available information the video cards used Samsung or Infineon memory.

Prior to overclocking, we check the readiness of the cooling system. After a preliminary warm-up by the demo, the Futuremak 3DMark’05 was able to heat up the GPU to 62°.

We performed the overclocking in the same operating conditions, i.e. without additional fans to air the radiators. The overclocking result is 605 MHz for the GPU and 1540 MHz for the memory, which is a bit lower than the expected. At the same time, the GPU temperature went up by merely 1°.


  • Page 1 - Gigabyte GV-NX76T256D-RH
  • Page 2 - ASUS EN7600GT Silent/2DHT
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